Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tania's Dedication

where should i begin. for one thing i know her birthday was over at nine, but since she lived over here first i am taking the original time to consideration. now of course i would've just let any old birthday happen but i find this one particularly special. so i think this would be a good time to dedicate something for her since she is turning eighteen.

now where was i, okay lets start with who she is. well shes this girl.....

 <------ Tania Tran

well this was a year after i met her. people say she looks way different now, but i have known her for nine almost ten years now. its safe to say she will always be the same girl to me no matter how much change goes through in her life. now how we got to where we are today was pretty interesting. it was just a hello and extreme small conversation for our first two years. i say we kept it pretty cool and then up until seventh grade... yea that's right i fell for this girl. and my reason for it. i guess i wasn't really sure. even when i was a little kid i relied heavily on others and i had a knack for wanting to learn everything about other people and i always found the quietest people to be the most interesting. and so i started talking to her. only to soon find out she was different. every quiet girl has like a secret talent that's a given, but there was more to Tania again being so young and to be honest even now you don't really know what "liking" someone is. i just knew i did. the year went on and of course unlike some people i told her at some point in time, there was no point in hiding it anyways. i told her she was the second crush in my life, when you remember you only had two being one of them should've been special i think. being someone who helps other people with their problems, she has always been the only person i told all my problems to. no one else. i after only a handful of weeks, without a doubt i trusted this girl like no other other person before. she had a charm to her. or maybe it was the fact that i always told her something and she would forget. either way she always listens. i think that counts. at that point or at least near the end of seventh grade year. without her knowing i was madly in like with her. as eighth grade rolled in i knew that you know what i couldn't keep doing this, its so weird. when you realize man i don't belong with this girl. i let her go. we were happily "married" at that point and i made up some fake girl or girls i say just to distance myself while still talking to her more than any boy should have. and that was that she moved away before i got the chance to say good bye to her in person. up til today honestly i have no feelings for her what so ever, although i did say if she ever decided to give me a chance i am all for it, cause i am a boss like that. only cool people in movies could have lines like that, oh yea! and for the people who say "you should go out with her" "is she your girlfriend" "you guys should get married someday" "you guys look so cute together" and anything related to that, because i get so much of it. i say "i guess, no she isn't, already happily doing so, and anyone standing with me will look like that, but thank you i suppose". she still plays an extremely big roll in my life though. like really big. have you seen the sun lately? yea bigger than that. throughout high school and actually ever since seventh grade, she has always been my shoulder to lean on. the way i act towards her is something no one has ever seen before. she has always listened and given me advice when i needed it. and for someone who has always done just that for everyone else. its really i could have asked for. we talked about a range of things from 8th grade all the way up to the end of high school and even until now actually. i have a grown a huge connection with Tania. i have never been into best friends, id be one depressed kid if i didn't have someone to talk to like i have have with her. and so there she goes, gained the label of being my first and only "Best Friend" and i don't think i have regretted anything  in that decision. and i am one of hers too, so its not too shabby. now you are probably wondering why am even telling you this stuff. well Tania today...

... is still doing all the things she has done for me in the past, and of course like every friendship it has its ups and downs, but i see ours as a beautiful skyscraper. the elevator goes up and down but when you're at the top, its one hell of a view. so even though i would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and congratulations on being eighteen. this blog post isn't really about that, its more like a huge thank you for every thing you have offered in your ability to do so for me. from every "hey Tania, i made a new friend today" and "can you help me with something?" you have never hesitated to listen and congratulate me  or at least attempt to help. so thank you thank you thank you! if i have every made you happy about yourself or about anything you do, trust me dude the top of view of the skyscraper has already been seen and the sight is pretty gnarly. i don't expect much in life, but you deliver more than i would have ever wanted so again. thank you so very much. now even today according to my book...

it says you're a popular person and although you deny it. you and i both know its true, but i just want you to know no matter how much more new friends you make try not to forget this old fellow. you have always been there for me and dude you know i have always been there for you. not as long as Annie,  but still. always been there for you. actually we both are there for you. and if you need me you know where to find me. the same thing goes for your looks. change all you want. i am always just going to say "you're not ugly" and "you look like a girl", but without a doubt you'll always be the same Tania and buddy i have known and love all these years. its never ever going to change. so again thank you for everything and i love you oodles. i am done talking now, now can i get a fist bump? fist bump*

Friday, September 30, 2011


 raspberry jelly filled donut!
(you can tell the third bite was my favorite)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day of College!


before even starting off about my day yesterday in college. i would like to thank my two drivers to school. they are cool for doing so. see, you know they are into it when they rush into the car with fake brand cereal. i still call it apple jacks... back to school though. i say the day was a success i got all my classes and i did a bit of ranting yesterday about my last class, but its all good. when i broke it down i literally only had about twenty days of that class. two classes a week and four weeks in a month. so yea broken down to twenty days. i will not drop and ill just try my best to deal with it. no biggie. lets focus on what i did outside of class because there really isn't anything to say about it. class is class, you get in you work and you get out. now before i started we went about three or four hours early. it felt like forever trying to find a parking space at that school, there are cars going around everywhere like sharks looking for food. then we pulled a stalker move and followed a lady like really slow and when i say slow i mean REALLY slow. it was the ultimate stalk, but it worked out in the end we got a spot.


we came there and i met up with an old friend of mine anna vo. we talked for awhile i think for a long time actually and as i was sitting there with her and we were talking for abit. oh yea alvin was there too. then i invited her to go to the mall with sophia and alvin and i. i called sophia and asked her what time she got out this weekend of if shes coming home. then i told sophia that i was talking to anna and my phone ended up in the hands of anna. and just sitting there. i heard complete silence. turns out they were actually talking. i swear you put two quiet people up to the phone and they speak telepathically. im not the eavesdrop type but oh man i couldn't hear a thing (maybe little murmurs?) but after the phone call was done i was sitting there with alvin and anna just talking and some guy ask if he can join us. none of use have ever met him in our life, so we introduced ourselves and all that stuff had a small conversation. me and anna had a funny little like argument not really one but it was a bicker and the guy asked if we were brothers and sisters. i laughed for a bit, wrong people are really funny and so i just told him the truth. i said yes, we were siblings (we aren't siblings). then time flew by and anna walked to me to class then we talked for a bit. then she left. and thats how class started nothing else really happened after. i walked around for a bit in between my breaks and after all classes were done i called a few friends, then went back to milpitas and ate mcdonalds then went home. i have a feeling im going to be eating unhealthy for a awhile. my first class though. theirs a pretty girl that sits two rows in front of me i dont think i would date her or anything and i wouldn't drool over her. but shes the only person out of all my classes that i can go "oh, shes pretty". besides her though i sit next to a girl who had just come from Alaska pretty cool, turns out they really ride on polar bears. she said so herself. and the girl on my other side is a friend of my friend name annie. she introduced herself to me and she came from mount pleasant high school. i just kinda put one and one together from there and slowly asked questions without sounding too aggressive and found out what i needed to know. pretty cool though over all. i have a feeling ill like college...a lot.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Blogging

wow, its been years since i have come back to the blogging world. as cool as i was back in my kiddie years in elementary and middle school with my not so deep post that lasted less than two sentences long, i hope i can now post not so deep maybe even longer post as soon to start college kid. by soon i mean tomorrow its the first day of college, i guess i can say i am excited. the hardest thing i think i had to get over was the fact that everyone kept saying the four years of high school went by so fast. and to that i say no... no it was not. it was the longest most excruciating four years of my life. anyhow back to college. i am looking forward to it. and i like my schedule and everything, but i hear its hard work so i have to start manning up and not pull a high school move like how i use to be. they aren't going to pamper you anymore at least that is what i hear. ill find out soon. man, come to think of it for someone who is quite a happy person my blogs are quite depressing. i guess that is it for now. we will see how it goes tomorrow. wish me luck!