Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Day of College!


before even starting off about my day yesterday in college. i would like to thank my two drivers to school. they are cool for doing so. see, you know they are into it when they rush into the car with fake brand cereal. i still call it apple jacks... back to school though. i say the day was a success i got all my classes and i did a bit of ranting yesterday about my last class, but its all good. when i broke it down i literally only had about twenty days of that class. two classes a week and four weeks in a month. so yea broken down to twenty days. i will not drop and ill just try my best to deal with it. no biggie. lets focus on what i did outside of class because there really isn't anything to say about it. class is class, you get in you work and you get out. now before i started we went about three or four hours early. it felt like forever trying to find a parking space at that school, there are cars going around everywhere like sharks looking for food. then we pulled a stalker move and followed a lady like really slow and when i say slow i mean REALLY slow. it was the ultimate stalk, but it worked out in the end we got a spot.


we came there and i met up with an old friend of mine anna vo. we talked for awhile i think for a long time actually and as i was sitting there with her and we were talking for abit. oh yea alvin was there too. then i invited her to go to the mall with sophia and alvin and i. i called sophia and asked her what time she got out this weekend of if shes coming home. then i told sophia that i was talking to anna and my phone ended up in the hands of anna. and just sitting there. i heard complete silence. turns out they were actually talking. i swear you put two quiet people up to the phone and they speak telepathically. im not the eavesdrop type but oh man i couldn't hear a thing (maybe little murmurs?) but after the phone call was done i was sitting there with alvin and anna just talking and some guy ask if he can join us. none of use have ever met him in our life, so we introduced ourselves and all that stuff had a small conversation. me and anna had a funny little like argument not really one but it was a bicker and the guy asked if we were brothers and sisters. i laughed for a bit, wrong people are really funny and so i just told him the truth. i said yes, we were siblings (we aren't siblings). then time flew by and anna walked to me to class then we talked for a bit. then she left. and thats how class started nothing else really happened after. i walked around for a bit in between my breaks and after all classes were done i called a few friends, then went back to milpitas and ate mcdonalds then went home. i have a feeling im going to be eating unhealthy for a awhile. my first class though. theirs a pretty girl that sits two rows in front of me i dont think i would date her or anything and i wouldn't drool over her. but shes the only person out of all my classes that i can go "oh, shes pretty". besides her though i sit next to a girl who had just come from Alaska pretty cool, turns out they really ride on polar bears. she said so herself. and the girl on my other side is a friend of my friend name annie. she introduced herself to me and she came from mount pleasant high school. i just kinda put one and one together from there and slowly asked questions without sounding too aggressive and found out what i needed to know. pretty cool though over all. i have a feeling ill like college...a lot.

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