Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Blogging

wow, its been years since i have come back to the blogging world. as cool as i was back in my kiddie years in elementary and middle school with my not so deep post that lasted less than two sentences long, i hope i can now post not so deep maybe even longer post as soon to start college kid. by soon i mean tomorrow its the first day of college, i guess i can say i am excited. the hardest thing i think i had to get over was the fact that everyone kept saying the four years of high school went by so fast. and to that i say no... no it was not. it was the longest most excruciating four years of my life. anyhow back to college. i am looking forward to it. and i like my schedule and everything, but i hear its hard work so i have to start manning up and not pull a high school move like how i use to be. they aren't going to pamper you anymore at least that is what i hear. ill find out soon. man, come to think of it for someone who is quite a happy person my blogs are quite depressing. i guess that is it for now. we will see how it goes tomorrow. wish me luck!

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